Lime Wash Texture Paint

Kolor Canvas

Lime Wash texture Paint is made from polymers and natural lime , is the friendly choice for both interior and exterior applications. Limewash paint has anti-bacterial properties, making it resistant to mold and mildew growth, which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Lime Wash texture Paint has been used for centuries to provide a breathable, durable, and beautiful finish for interior and exterior surfaces. lime wash texture paint is renowned for its unique appearance, which includes subtle variations in color and texture, giving surfaces a timeless and rustic charm.

One of the defining features of limewash paint is its matte finish, which adds a slight grainy, velvety appearance to walls and other surfaces.

Unlike modern paints, lime wash does not form a plain over the surface but rather penetrates into the substrate, creating a good texture that allows the underlying material to breathe. This makes limewash paint particularly suitable for historic buildings of India or structures with materials like plaster, stone, or brick, as it helps maintain their integrity over time.

Limewash paint is also known for its versatility. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including masonry, stucco, plaster, and wood, and can be used to achieve a range of finishes, from smooth and uniform to textured and weathered.

lime wash texture paint can be tinted with wide range of beautiful colours and pigments to create custom colors, allowing for endless design possibilities.
Overall, lime wash texture paint is a timeless and sustainable choice for adding character and beauty to both historic and contemporary spaces, offering a unique aesthetic that cannot be replicated with modern paint products.

Kolor Canvas Limewash Paint

Made in India
Anti Chalking and water resistant

In contrast to traditional lime wash texture paint, Kolorcanvas lime paint is free from the chalking effect and offers waterproof properties.

Formaldehyde,VOC and Lead Free

Kolor Canvas lime wash texture paint is free from harmful substances like Formaldehydes, VOCs, and heavy metals such as lead, which are known to pose health risks.

Application Techniques

Lime wash texture paint can be applied using various techniques to achieve different effects. Brushing the paint horizantally or vertically or in an X pattern onto the surface can result in different textures and finishes, ranging from smooth and uniform to irregular and textured, allowing for creative expression and customization.

Sealing and Protection

The polymers in modified lime wash texture paint provide additional sealing and protective properties, enhancing the durability and longevity of the finish. This helps prevent chalking, flaking, and premature deterioration, resulting in a longer-lasting and more resilient surface.

Ease of Maintenance

While lime wash texture paint sustains a variety of weather conditions over time, it is also relatively easy to maintain. Occasional touch-ups can restore any areas that may have faded or worn due to exposure to the elements.


lime wash texture paint is considered a sustainable building material due to its ingredients, low environmental impact, and longevity and the uv resistant pigments

Ease of Application:

Compared to traditional lime wash, kolorcanvas lime wash texture paint is easier to apply and requires less maintenance. It typically has better adhesion and coverage, allowing for faster and more efficient application with fewer coats required.